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Experience with a unique approach.

Our Investment Philosophy

As a group of entrepreneurs, we at Heritage Equity understand the unique challenges that running a successful company entails. This experience provides us with a unique approach to company acquisitions; we are not your typical private equity firm. We do not believe in the buy to sell mentality.

We actively search for companies that we can purchase and grow for many years to come. We seek enduringly profitable companies that possess strong internal operations, a loyal customer base, and earnings of over $1m per year.

If you feel that you meet our criteria or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Meet the Partners


Mark Haushalter

Mark loves to solve complicated problems. At their family firm, the Haushalter’s have spent decades leaning out processes, a process that for him extends past the manufacturing floor to financials and customer interaction.

“It’s been really fun to apply some of the same basic concepts and problem solving to industries that are new to me. It keeps my days exciting!”


Sherri Haushalter

Sherri brings order to the companies that she’s involved with. From financial controls to maintaining the culture of companies, she’s a calming force with a long-term view of the world.

“My favorite day in Heritage’s history has been when we moved up an employee from working “on the line” to managing an important area of the business. It felt like we had really created some value for everyone- both ourselves and that employee.”


Clint Edgington

Clint’s experience in investment analysis allows him to evaluate companies to acquire. Clint orchestrates “the deal”, juggling the different stakeholders’ perspectives to consummate a deal that’s a win-win-win for the entrepreneurs that are selling, Heritage Equity, and employees of the firm being bought.

“I love being able to evaluate hundreds of businesses a year; figuring out what makes them tick and trying to predict which ones we could help improve and which ones we couldn’t.”


Mark Fissel

Mark’s well-rounded background, ranging from running his family business, grinding at a large Multi-National corporation, and founding an investment firm have given him a broad set of experiences and skillsets that are required for him to lead the operations of our portfolio.

“Connecting with business owners and entrepreneurs has always been natural for me having grown up in a family business. I’m always impressed by a business owner’s ability to juggle so many projects across a wide range of competencies with very few resources.”


Greg Sazdanoff

Greg has worked as a financial advisor for the entirety of his professional career. Ever conscious of market volatility, he has a passion for alternative investing, particularly in real estate and private
business ownership.

“The opportunity to acquire and build on the life’s work of an entrepreneur is an absolute privilege in the highest sense.”

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