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Not "Private Equity" - "Patient Equity"


As a business owner, you’ve worked hard to build a successful company.  But it’s more than just a company to you, and we want to ensure that it remains successful for decades to come.


Heritage Equity provides business owners with an exit plan through a process that we call “Family Value Investing”.  Our family of companies acquiring long standing family-owned businesses.  We always strive to improve, but we value what it took for you to build the business-and we work to maintain that.  Every entrepreneur we work with teaches us something of value we can spread to our other businesses.  We do not believe the “buy and flip” mentality like most Private Equity Firms.  We buy companies we want to keep.


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Portfolio & Joint Ventures

We love to solve complicated problems in a variety of industries.

Robinson Fin Machines

Breck's Paving

Beacon Hill Advisory

Business Expertise

As a group of entrepreneurs, we at Heritage Equity understand the unique challenges that running a successful company entails. This experience provides us with a unique approach to company acquisitions; we are not your typical private equity firm.

“My favorite day in Heritage’s history has been when we moved up an employee from working “on the line” to managing an important area of the business. It felt like we had really created some value for everyone- both ourselves and that employee.”

- Sherri Haushalter, Partner
Heritage Equity Group


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